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“…the Word from without…is needed as an aid in the work of self-unfolding…”
Sri Aurobindo

“The Power that acts in us is not our force.
The genius too receives from some high fount
Concealed in a supernal secrecy
The work that gives him an immortal name.
The word, the form, the charm, the glory and grace
Are missioned sparks from a stupendous Fire;
A sample from the laboratory of God
Of which he holds the patent upon earth,
Comes to him wrapped in golden coverings;
He listens for Inspiration’s postman knock
And takes delivery of the priceless gift
A little spoilt by the receiver mind
Or mixed with the manufacturer of his brain;
When least defaced, then is it most divine.”

“Here upon earth are early awakenings,
Moments that tremble in an air divine,
And grown upon the yearning of her soil
Time's sun-flowers' gaze at gold Eternity:
There are imperishable beatitudes.
A million lotuses swaying on one stem,
World after coloured and ecstatic world
Climbs towards some far unseen epiphany."

        “It was about the Word, the primal sound. Sri Aurobindo speaks of it in Savitri: the essence of Word and how it will express itself, how it will bring in the possibility of a Supramental expression that will take the place of languages... When this essential sound becomes a material sound, it will give birth to the new expression which will express the Supramental word.”

The Mother

The Descent

“For a knowledge from above begins to descend, frequently, constantly, then uninterruptedly, and to manifest in the mind’s quietude or silence;…”1
Sri Aurobindo
“…all truth and practice… must be constantly renovated
by fresh streams of spirit…”2
Sri Aurobindo
“An integral and synthetic Yoga…embraces the knowledge received from the past, it seeks to organize anew for the present and the future. An absolute liberty of experience and of the restatement of knowledge in new terms and combinations is the condition of its self-formation.”3
Sri Aurobindo
…but when we advance in self-knowledge, we find that all our thought and will originate from above though formed in the mind and there first overtly active. 4
Sri Aurobindo
For knowledge shall pour down in radiant streams
And even darkened mind quiver with new life
And kindle and burn with the Ideal’s fire
And turn to escape from mortal ignorance 6
Sri Aurobindo
             A concentrated writing can be truly offered near the Divine if it remains free absolutely from all motives. It should be written for the sole satisfaction of the Divine, for the sole reception of the transcendent wisdom, for the sole opening towards the Word that can incarnate the highest Truth and a concentration on central thought and central Truth that can become Omnipotent. It can be made fit for the Divine offering if the writing is made perfect even in its smallest external detail as well as the highest spirit and soul quality from which it has descended.

             So the first objective of The Descent is to restate the Spiritual experience and bridge the gulf between Sri Aurobindo’s early sadhana at Pondicherry and The Mother’s last cellular transformation experience which is a preliminary effort to accumulate Their vast Spiritual wealth and the utter need to live in the atmosphere of Their Supreme Presence; its second objective is to revise and heighten the already restated statements through fresh instreaming of Spiritual experiences and Wisdom which is extended to overcome the human limitation of fragmentary knowledge in Ignorance, leading towards an integration of Knowledge; its third objective is to identify The Mother and Sri Aurobindo’s established and the most concentrated Spiritual experiences and possible means to repeat those experiences which results in a revolution of our internal being and, through the internal, of our external life; its fourth objective is to establish a strong Spiritual foundation which will serve as a platform for the development and consummation of Their highest hinted Spiritual experiences and utilise that as lever action to escape into still unknown heights of Consciousness and penetrate with divine Light into the untouched nether domain of dark Inconscient plane.

             So the writings of The Descent depend firstly on the Word that descends from above and is caught through large, subtle and plastic Idea which does not insist too much on rigid definition; secondly, it organises anew the highest and the best wisdom already available on the earth through its past and present Spiritual quests; thirdly, some of its writings are based on the construction of the mind which expresses partial and practical truth and waits till its constant element of falsity is replaced by the higher and wider knowledge from within and above; fourthly, to mind Spiritual experiences of Individual, Cosmic and Transcendent Beings are intelligible as eternal hierarchies of powers of Consciousness and we cannot hope to describe adequately the visions of heights of Consciousness or experience of the mysteries Absolute in terms of negative or positive abstract language but can only hope to indicate, glimpse and hint it to the utmost power of our pure symbolic language which is ‘yet to be discovered and mapped in their completeness;’5 fifthly, integral Yoga authorises an absolute liberty to enter new subjective experience and reaffirm rightly all knowledge in new terms and new combinations and lastly, it aims at elevating all writings towards the status of absolute Brahman through constant restatement and in this highest state there is no trace of negation, discord and division and we enter into exceeding affirmative Consciousness with radically different ecstatic awareness of things. There can develop Supramental envisaging of the universe whose each step and action are dictated by an innate Spiritual vision, a comprehensive and exact penetration into the truth of all and the truth of each thing. Large and plastic idea and speech can be expressed through supreme effort of Consciousness in carrying those highest experiences to its farthest end and assist mankind towards the possession of the knowledge of the God and the supreme Reality.

             The Descent can serve its true purpose when it will be able to catch the most of the secret threads of integral Yoga or seizes the knowledge of the Unknowable directly, not by intellectual poor abstract understanding but by discovery of another overhead language which is at once creatively metaphysical, revealingly poetic, substantially malleable and can pour down in a vivid massiveness of flaming stream.

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