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“The incarnate dual Power shall open God’s door,
Eternal supermind touch earthly Time.
The superman shall wake in mortal man
And manifest the hidden demigod
Or grow into the God-Light and God-Force
Revealing the secret deity in the cave.
Then shall the earth be touched by the Supreme,
His bright unveiled Transcendence shall illumine
The mind and heart and force the life and act
To interpret his inexpressible mystery
In a heavenly alphabet of Divinity’s signs.”


“An incense floated in the quivering air,
A mystic happiness trembled in the breast
As if the invisible Beloved had come
Assuming the sudden loveliness of a face
And close glad hands could seize his fugitive feet
And the world change with the beauty of a smile.”

(Savitri spoke to Satyavan’s birth Mother)
“One year that I have lived with Satyavan
Here on the emerald edge of the vast woods
In the iron ring of the enormous peaks
Under the blue rifts of the forest sky,
I have not gone into the silences
Of this great woodland that enringed my thoughts
With mystery, nor in its green miracles
Wandered, but this small clearing was my world.
Now has a strong desire seized all my heart
To go with Satyavan holding his hand
Into the life that he has loved and touch
Herbs he has trod and know the forest flowers
And hear at ease the birds and the scurrying life
That starts and ceases, rich far rustle of boughs
And all the mystic whispering of the woods.
Release me now and let my heart have rest.”

She (Satyavan’s birth Mother) answered (to Savitri):
“Do as thy wise mind desires,
O calm child-sovereign with the eyes that rule.
I hold thee for a strong goddess who has come
Pitying our barren days; so dost thou serve
Even as a slave might, yet art thou beyond
All that thou doest, all our minds conceive,
Like the strong sun that serves earth from above.”


       “Strange feeling …Since last night, a strange impression that the Divine has become… (how to formulate it?) like a golden Force pressing down like this (gesture of pressure on the earth). They alone, who by their aspiration are able to pass through to the Divine Origin, will escape catastrophes… Only those who have an aspiration, a sincere and unconditional aspiration towards the Divine, only they will escape –they will stand in a golden glory.”

The Mother

       “When in your heart and thought you will make no difference between Sri Aurobindo and me, when to think of Sri Aurobindo will be to think of me and to think of me will mean to think of Sri Aurobindo inevitably, when to see one will mean inevitably to see the other, like one and the same Person, - then you will know that you begin to be open to the supramental force and consciousness.”

The Mother
Sri Aurobindo’s Sacred Relics

           “The crisis in which the Avatar appears, though apparent to the outward eye only as a crisis of events and great material changes, is always in its source and real meaning a crisis in the consciousness of humanity when it has to undergo some grand modification and effect some new development. For this action of change a divine force is needed; but the force varies always according to the power of consciousness which it embodies; hence the necessity of a divine consciousness manifesting in the mind and soul of humanity. Where, indeed, the change is mainly intellectual and practical, the intervention of the Avatar is not needed; there is a great uplifting of consciousness, a great manifestation of power in which men are for the time being exalted above their normal selves, and this surge of consciousness and power finds its wave-crests in certain exceptional individuals, vibhutis, whose action leading the general action is sufficient for the change intended… But when the crisis has a spiritual seed or intention, then a complete or a partial manifestation of the God-consciousness in a human mind and soul comes as its originator or leader. That is the Avatar.”

Sri Aurobindo
CWSA/19/Essays on the Gita-168-169



              The Supreme reveals in the Gita that He manifests again and again on the earth, not only for the restoration of Good by destruction of Evil but for His Divine Birth of transformation of Nature and Soul through His Divine Action, Janma Karma Chamedivyam1.

(The Service Tree near The Mother’s Relics Centre which is transplanted from the seed of the Mother plant near Sri Aurobindo’s Samadhi at Pondicherry.)            

             The sacred Relics of The Mother and Sri Aurobindo were installed in the premise of Sri Matriniketan Ashram on Janmastami, 21.08.2011. It carries the full Divine Presence of Their Perfection, siddhi, of Static and Dynamic Brahman, the hierarchies of Consciousness leading to Supermind and beyond it to the full possession of Sachchidananda State.

            Their arrival passage was made clear through a vision demonstrated to S.A. Maa Krishna, on 4th June-2011. In this vision, she was climbing alone a high mountain with long and wide stairs and was holding a golden big bucket with three feet height. She felt tired as it was heavy enough to lift, but she was holding it with two hands and climbing up the hill. On the top of the mountain, Sri Aurobindo was staying there and she saw the Young Sri Aurobindo, wearing the Dhoti, was coming down. After seeing Him she felt, He would come and help her in lifting up the bucket. But He came very silently and stood behind her. As she was holding bucket, and it was not permitted to keep it on the ground, so she could not do Pranam to Him. After looking up the mountain, He called to one of His disciples and told him, “You take her to NILACHAL, I AM COMING.” After this she felt a mighty power is helping her to climb up the mountain. His disciple took her to one place, left side of the mountain, which is four stairs below the Sri Aurobindo’s abode on the mountain top. She went there for rest and waited for the Lord. After that she got up.

               Years before (the year of 2005) there was a vision of Sri Krishna, who demonstrated the significance of each floor of the Sri Matriniketan Ashram’s main building. As per Him, the ground floor of the main building where there is meditation hall is meant for The Mother’s action in Psychic plane, its first floor is meant for Sri Aurobindo’s action in Spiritual Plane and He, intended His wish to stay in its second floor. How He wanted to stay here was also demonstrated symbolically, He became a big statue of around fifteen feet high with flute in His hand and after some time His image was transformed in to the statue of Saraswati2 signifying that His Divine Love is dynamising as Divine Action. Similar pictorial demonstration was repeated how The Mother had possessed the ground floor and Sri Aurobindo had possessed the first floor. When The Mother’s and Sri Aurobindo’s sacred Relics were installed on Janmastami, 21.08.2011, in the second floor of the main building, it was a fulfillment of Sri Krishna’s promise. Their coming is an intensification of the Nara-Narayana Play and extension of Their Supramental Consciousness to hold and capture the whole earth of which the proposed project of Sri Matri (dhyana) Mandir is a symbolic representation. Thus a ground is prepared for the Supreme Mother and the Supreme Lord for Their entire Descent.

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1: The Gita-4.9,
2: Incidentally The Mother and Sri Aurobindo were born on Sri Panchami and Janmastami respectively in Indian calendar.

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