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         “The ideal sadhaka should be able to say in the Biblical phrase, “My zeal for the Lord has eaten me up.” It is this zeal for the Lord, —utsaha, the zeal of the whole nature for its divine results, vyakulata, the heart’s eagerness for the attainment of the Divine, — that devours the ego and breaks up the limitations of its petty and narrow mould for the full and wide reception of that which it seeks, that which, being universal, exceeds and, being transcendent, surpasses even the largest and highest individual self and nature.”

Sri Aurobindo

“A fragrance wandered in a coloured haze
As if the scent and hue of all sweet flowers
Had mingled the copy heaven’s atmosphere.
Appealing to the soul and not the eye
Beauty lived there at home in her own house,
There all was beautiful by its own right
And needed not the splendour of a robe.”

           “I do not very readily accept disciples as this path of Yoga is difficult one and it can be followed only if there is a special call.”
Sri Aurobindo
           “But the difficulty is to find the “some one” who knows Sri Aurobindo thoroughly…( and subsequently) who is capable of receiving His inspirations directly…capable of understanding Sri Aurobindo’s inspiration and transmitting it…and has at the same time very strong character… (and if possible) to have His genius… For years I have been looking for that man, without finding him.”
The Mother
           “I do not want hundreds of thousands of disciples. It will be enough if I can get a hundred complete men, purified of petty egoism, who will be the instruments of God.”
Sri Aurobindo
           “Even if one person could put himself faithfully at the disposal of the Truth, he could change the world.”
The Mother
           “There are very few people who carry with them an atmosphere which irradiates joy, peace, confidence- it is very rare. But these are truly benefactors of humanity. They don’t need to open their mouth.”
The Mother
           “All I would need is one man who had an absolute trust and was receptive, with a power of execution.”

The Mother

           “That is exactly what Sri Aurobindo wanted and attempted; he used to say, “If I can find a hundred people, it will be enough for my purpose.”

The Mother

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