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The World Hindu wisdom meet - 2014
          “Only those Scriptures, religions, philosophies which can be thus constantly renewed, relived, their stuff of permanent truth constantly reshaped and developed in the inner thought and spiritual experience of a developing humanity, continue to be of living importance to mankind. The rest remain as monuments of the past, but have no actual force or vital impulse for the future.”
Sri Aurobindo

       “Nay, the Scriptures are even a stumbling-block; for the letter of the Word — perhaps because of its conflict of texts and its various and mutually dissentient interpretations — bewilders the understanding, which can only find certainty and concentration by the light within. “When thy intelligence shall cross beyond the whorl of delusion, then shalt thou become indifferent to Scripture heard or that which thou hast yet to hear, gantasi nirvedam srotavyasya srutasya ca . When thy intelligence which is bewildered by the Sruti, srutivipratipanna, shall stand unmoving and stable in Samadhi, then shalt thou attain to Yoga.” So offensive is all this to conventional religious sentiment that attempts are naturally made by the convenient and indispensable human faculty of text-twisting to put a different sense on some of these verses, but the meaning is plain and hangs together from beginning to end. It is confirmed and emphasised by a subsequent passage in which the knowledge of the knower is described as passing beyond the range of Veda and Upanishad, sabdabrahmativartate.”

Sri Aurobindo
CWSA/19/Essays on the Gita-87


       “Still the letter of the Scripture binds and confuses, as the apostle of Christianity warned his disciples when he said that the letter killeth and it is the spirit that saves; and there is a point beyond which the utility of the Scripture itself ceases. The real source of knowledge is the Lord in the heart; “I am seated in the heart of every man and from me is knowledge,” says the Gita; the Scripture is only a verbal form of that inner Veda, of that self-luminous Reality, it is sabdabrahma: the mantra, says the Veda, has risen from the heart, from the secret place where is the seat of the truth, sadanadrtasya, guhayam.”

Sri Aurobindo
CWSA/19/Essays on the Gita-92

       “Shastra does not mean a mass of customs, some good, some bad, unintelligently followed by the customary routine mind of the tamasic man. Shastra is the knowledge and teaching laid down by intuition, experience and wisdom, the science and art and ethic of life, the best standards available to the race. The half-awakened man who leaves the observance of its rule to follow the guidance of his instincts and desires, can get pleasure but not happiness; for the inner happiness can only come by right living. He cannot move to perfection, cannot acquire the highest spiritual status. The law of instinct and desire seems to come first in the animal world, but the manhood of man grows by the pursuit of truth and religion and knowledge and a right life. The Shastra, the recognised Right that he has set up to govern his lower members by his reason and intelligent will, must therefore first be observed and made the authority for conduct and works and for what should or should not be done, till the instinctive desire nature is schooled and abated and put down by the habit of self-control and man is ready first for a freer intelligent self-guidance and then for the highest supreme law and supreme liberty of the spiritual nature.
          For the Shastra in its ordinary aspect is not that spiritual law, although at its loftiest point, when it becomes a science and art of spiritual living, Adhyatma-shastra, — the Gita itself describes its own teaching as the highest and most secret Shastra, — it formulates a rule of the self-transcendence of the sattwic nature and develops the discipline which leads to spiritual transmutation. Yet all Shastra is built on a number of preparatory conditions, dharmas; it is a means, not an end.”

Sri Aurobindo
CWSA/19/Essays on the Gita-475

          “If Indians hardly understand the Vedas at all, the Europeans have systematised a radical misunderstanding. Their materialist interpretations, now dominant in the cultivated minds, translated into modern tongues, taught in our universities…has been more fatal to Vedic Truth than our reverential ignorance….”
Sri Aurobindo
          (The above passage indicates that those who do not know the Divine or Divine is veiled by too much mental obscurity symbolized here as Europeans and are prone to misunderstand any written truth and those who know the Divine partly or unconsciously but not sincere enough to know Him entirely are symbolized here as Indians.)
          “Nor shall you say of any Scripture that it alone is all-sufficient and no other truth can be admitted, as the Vedavadins said of the Veda, nanyad astıti vadinah (those who are devoted to the Veda whose creed is that there is nothing else.). This is a saving and liberating word which must be applied to all the Scriptures of the world. Take all the Scriptures that are or have been, Bible and Koran and the books of the Chinese, Veda and Upanishads and Purana and Tantra and Shastra and the Gita itself and the sayings of thinkers and sages, prophets and Avatars, still you shall not say that there is nothing else or that the truth your intellect cannot find there is not true because you cannot find it there. That is the limited thought of the sectarian or the composite thought of the eclectic religionist, not the untrammelled truth-seeking of the free and illumined mind and God-experienced soul.”
Sri Aurobindo

Third lecture delivered by S.A. Maa Krishna at the World Hindu Wisdom Meet-2014 held at Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia on 17.04.2014:

            (This pilgrimage to Bali witnessed tremendous opening towards The Mother’s new Divinity, both by the Balinese Aspirants and the noble participants of World Hindu Wisdom Meet-2014 which is a continuation of its earlier World Hindu Summit Meet in 2012 and 2013.

             The first day session, 16.04.2014, began with the inauguration of S.A. Maa Krishna’s Book The Divine Bliss which focuses on the man’s possibility of ascending to the status of Integral Godhead through Divine Call and our Soul’s task in Integral Yoga is to reveal The Mother’s Power which is too great for earth, to live in Her Bliss which is too large for heaven, to open toward Her Light which is too intense for inconscient hell, to extricate Her Beauty which is too vast for physical consciousness and to possess Her Love which is too boundless.

             The second day session, 17.04.2014 began with S.A. Maa Krishna’s recitation of Hymn offered to Mother Durga in which Sri Aurobindo projected India as the noblest race destined to save the world by calling down the Divine Mother power, by whose appearance we can regain the lost Spiritual Teaching, inviolate Character, strength of Intuition, force of Austerity, power of Virginity and true liberating Integral Knowledge. She only can slay the dark enemy of Titan and Asura within and root out all obscurity without. Our earnest prayer is that, may our entire life and all life of successive births and bodies become a ceaseless worship of the Mother and all our action is a continuous service dedicated to Her. May She descend and manifest physically upon this earth.

             The second day session ended with S.A. Maa Krishna’s lecture representing The Mother and Sri Aurobindo’s world vision, world redemption and world transformation. She pointed out that this creation is to be wholly accepted and embraced as the manifestation of the Brahman. If the existing mind of most man is crippled; life is untaught and crude; if there exists brutal and evil activities, then they are to be accepted as incidents of Divine’s vast and varied plot; His great and dangerous drama’s needed steps. We have to meet our Lord in the nescient sleep of shadow and the Night and in the wakefulness of the stars and Sun and wait for the hour in which high meets the low. The emergence of Divine Life on earth is possible by reconciliation of God’s Night and His fathomless Light.

             Bali is long recognized as the land of peace, whose Soul has turned towards greater Spiritual Call and this auspicious World Hindu Wisdom Meet-2014 has opened enormous Spiritual possibilities for the children of Bali and its ardent seekers.)


Manatha Sree Jagannatha 
Mad Guru Sree Jagad Guru
Mad Atma Sarva Bhutatma
Thasmai Sree Guruvae Namahah

“Supreme Lord, Eternal Truth, let us obey Thee alone and live according to Truth.”

OM Swastiastu
Om Namo Bhagavateh

Divine Amar Atman!

My all Eternal Love and heartiest Pranams to you all,


            “There are very few people who carry with them an atmosphere which irradiates joy, peace, confidence- it is very rare. But these are truly benefactors of humanity. They don’t need to open their mouth.”

The Mother

             On this auspicious occasion of noble and great World Hindu Parisad/World Hindu Wisdom Meet-2014, I propose following abstracts not on behalf of me but on behalf of The Mother and Sri Aurobindo for world Spiritual movement and radical Divine change. All our human effort has a subordinate role and utility before the great mysterious infinitely superior Divine plan and wisdom which works out its faultless action since the beginning of this creation.

S.A.Maa Krishna

S.A.Maa Krishna

  1. We must hate none, despise none, be repelled by none but rather to accept this existence as the body of the Brahman, where the Divine is little revealed in one or more revealed in another or veiled and wholly distorted in others for that which He intends to become something best in their form and to execute secret Divine plan in their recalcitrant nature. And this Spiritual experience is extended to embrace Godhead in whatever disguise He approaches us.
  2. We must regard, obey and adhere to the law, guideline, norm of traditional or ancient schools of Yoga in conformity with our highest objective Truth realization and proceed ahead with the other complementary discipline of constantly renovating and restating all truth and practice through fresh instreaming of Spiritual experiences.
  3. We propose to give secondary importance on the outward appearance of things and fellow creatures and deliver them from contradictory and hostile ideas and emotions and insists to lean on primary importance of seeking the Soul and Divine in all. And we always preserve within us the inalienable sense of unity in the middest of infinite variation of potentiality and differences of all possible relations. A seeker of truth would under no circumstance set the power and knowledge in him against the power and knowledge in others or affirm himself as an ego striving against other egos. He is rightly related with the world by giving or contributing what is the best, the profoundest and the completest in him.
  4. All our action of intermediate planes between the highest and the lowest are the intermingling of truth and falsehood, knowledge and ignorance, joy and suffering, from which pure truth, wisdom and delight have to be worked out. It further believes that the Truth of things that emerges out of the phenomenal world’s contradictions is an infinite Bliss and self-conscious Existence, the same everywhere, self-existent in all things, in all times and beyond Time, whose largest totality and most intense vibrations of activity can be entirely manifested through practice of Yoga and Spiritual discipline.
  5. The integral liberating Knowledge or VidyaVimuktaye insists on the unity and reality of all the manifestations of the Absolute and refuses to confine truth to any one aspect. It admits all the valid truth of all the Schools of thought by getting rid of their limitation and negation and reconciles these partial truths in the larger all-truth that fulfills our whole being entirely.
  6. This Wisdom proposes to turn all the individual problems, one sided view points, individual perfection, liberation, ananda and limitation imposed on Brahman out of partial Divine experiences into catholicity of the all vision of the Divine and he will be able to wait, learn, grow, integrate, synthesize and universalize all Deities, Teachers, Scriptures, Religions, developmental urges invented by Mother nature and weld them strongly to the One, the Ineffable and the Infinite and unifies many states of Consciousness at a time.
  7. Lastly, we aspire for the complete descent of the dynamic Divine Shakti or the Divine Mother through all Her attributes that of the Truth Supreme, Love Supreme, Delight Supreme, Knowledge Supreme, Beauty Supreme, Power Supreme, Life Supreme, Light Supreme, Silence Supreme, Peace Supreme, Word Supreme, Voice Supreme, Void Supreme, and entry into all the intermediate worlds or planes of Consciousness that exists between the Inconscient Matter and Sachchidananda.

  Though, the UNKNOWABLE is not knowable by the finite mind or to our limited mental consciousness, it is not altogether and in every way unknowable; it is self-evident to an infinite Consciousness or a knowledge by Identity and the Spiritual Being within us can explore all the ranges of Consciousness from the darkest Inconscient plane to the highest plane of Sachchidananda to unravel the whole of the Unknowable and its complete Divine manifestation.

Om Tat Sat
Om Shanti Shanti Shanti


Post Speech Thesis:

         Now it is time for humanity to search that highest Spiritual Knowledge which gathers together, illumines, integralises and harmonises the essential truth of all available knowledge and finds the basic and justifying reason of existence of Ignorance, Falsehood, Suffering and Death and cures them. This effort can begin with the thorough study of evolution of Spiritual history of earth and must culminate with the realization of Vedantic Supreme Reality, which being known all is known, yasmin vijnate sarvam idam vijnatam.

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