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The World Hindu Summit-II
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The World Hindu Summit-II
“The world-ways opened before Savitri.
At first a strangeness of new brilliant scenes
Peopled her mind and kept her body’s gaze.
But as she moved across the changing earth
A deeper consciousness welled up in her:
A citizen of many scenes and climes,
Each soil and country it had made its home;
It took all clans and peoples for her own,
Till the whole destiny of mankind was hers.
These unfamiliar spaces on her way
Were known and neighbours to a sense within,
Landscapes recurred like lost forgotten fields,
Cities and rivers and plains her vision claimed
Like slow-recurring memories in front,
The stars at night were her past’s brilliant friends,
The winds murmured to her of ancient things
And she met nameless comrades loved by her once. ”

“As if a wicket gate to joy were there
Ringed in with voiceless hint and magic sign
Upon the margin of an unknown world
Reclined the curve of a sun-held recess;
Groves with strange flowers like eyes of gazing nymphs
Peered from their secrecy into open space,
Boughs whispering to a constancy of light
Sheltered a dim and screened felicity,
And slowly a supine inconstant breeze
Ran like a fleeting sigh of happiness
Over slumbrous grasses pranked with green and gold.”


       “The fundamental nature of this supermind is that all its knowledge is originally a knowledge by identity and oneness and even when it makes numberless apparent divisions and discriminating modifications itself, still all the knowledge that operates in its workings, even in these divisions, is founded upon and sustained and lit and guided by this perfect knowledge by identity and oneness.”

Sri Aurobindo

       “Governments, societies, kings, police, judges, institutions, churches, laws, customs, armies are temporary necessities imposed on us for a few groups of centuries because God has concealed His face from us. When it appears to us again in its truth and beauty, then in that light they will vanish.”

Sri Aurobindo
           “This Sanatana Dharma has many scriptures, Veda, Vedanta, Gita, Upanishad, Darshana, Purana, Tantra, nor could it reject the Bible or the Koran; but its real, most authoritative scripture is in the heart in which Eternal has His dwelling. It is in our inner spiritual experiences that we shall find the proof and source of the world’s Scriptures, the law of knowledge, love and conduct, the basis and inspiration of Karmayoga.”
Sri Aurobindo

Second lecture delivered by S.A. Maa Krishna at the World Hindu Summit-II held at Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia on 15.06.2013:

(Sri Auroprem’s Report from Bali: 

            The objective of auspicious World Hindu Summit-II was to provide a continuing impetus (from the inaugural Summit in 2012) for the creation of a World Hindu Centre (WHC) and World Hindu Parisad (WHP) to ensure that Hinduism in Bali (and in Indonesia more broadly) would accumulate the Soul Force through support and collaboration from brother Souls from all around the world to help it flower and meet many challenges it faces.  The Summit united the world diversities under the single umbrella of the great Hindu tradition, which consist of Revered Swamijis, Saints, Gurus and learned Academics from various sub-schools of thought, came together initially to exchange brainstorming ideas and finally arrived at an exceedingly ecstatic state transcending the limitation of the summit Word and experience of the descent of the Divine’s Grace. Thus the land of Peace, Shanti, is transformed in to an occasion of Spiritual ease, Sukha, and Joy and Laughter of the Soul, Hasya. It further brought completeness to the many aspects of the wonderful Balinese culture and architecture and left a deep imprint of the sincerity, hospitality, consecration and genuine Spiritual pursuit of the Balinese Seekers.

            Mother S.A. Maa Krishna inaugurated the book “The Integral Yoga and Sanatana Dharma” and presented a Spiritual vision, which called on the realisation that all Religions stem from the single Sanatana Dharma and that eventually all men must rise beyond the level of Religion and find their direct relationship with the Divine.  The WHS/WHC is being prepared to hold such a vision, but it is still a new born infant that seems to be at the level of Religion but with the capacity of clear discernment towards Spiritual truth. So the elevation of Consciousness from this Nature’s unconscious Yoga through slow Religious Evolution to conscious Yoga through swift Spiritual Evolution will occur in due course.  But there seemed such large receptivity to Mother S.A. Maa Krishna’s presence from all she met, but particularly by the Balinese Aspirants, who had such a genuine hunger for the Divine Love that she emanated and many were blessed with Spiritual names by her.

            I foresee Bali holds a great promise for a Spiritual awakening in the years to come and it will definitely be a field for the Lord's action and manifestation of His Divine Love.)


Mannatha Sri Jagannatha 
Mad Guru Sri Jagad Guru
Mad Atma Sarva Bhutatma
Tasmai Sri Guruvae Namah
“Supreme Lord eternal Truth let us obey Thee alone and live according to Truth.”

OM Swastyastu,
Om Namo Bhagavateh,

Divine Amar Atman!

My pranams to you all.

            Today I am going to speak about one of my Spiritual experiences on this occasion of the World Hindu Summit-II, 2013.

S.A.Maa KrishnaS.A. Maa Krishna along with the President and Chairman of World Hindu Summit

            Last year, 2012 when I got the invitation for the Summit, I was conducting a Yoga Sadhana Camp in my Ashram and my mind was not drawn to this Summit.   But this year, when I got the invitation, I concentrated on whether I should attend and I offered the decision at the feet of The Mother.  And I asked Her whether this Summit is of any importance to Her work. After one morning’s meditation I got the following direction from The Mother..."The World is preparing for a big change, will you help?" these were the words of The Mother and She repeated it three times.

S.A.Maa KrishnaS.A.Maa Krishna in World Hindu Summit-II

            After I heard the last sentence, I felt the world is going to be prepared for a big change ...what is that change?...Till now none knows about it...but it is going to be changed...After I heard the last sentence, I told The Mother "Yes Mother, I will help".  Then I prepared for my journey and under Her guidance I prepared a book solely for this Summit.  The book “The Integral Yoga and Sanatana Dharma” I feel is the message the Supreme wants to deliver to the whole world on this occasion.  By Their grace everything was harmoniously prepared in the space of a few short weeks.

            Given the Divine Grace that has seen to the preparation and my attendance at this Summit, I want to request some protocols to be included in the Bali Charter in the World Hindu Summit-II not on behalf of me, but on behalf of The Mother.


Request Proposal to be included in the Bali Charter-2013 in The World Hindu Summit-II:


1, The objective of all exclusive Religion is to generalize the highest available Spiritual Truth for the largest benefit of humanity. The objective of all Spirituality of Oneness is to trace the endless unfolding of the opulence of the Spirit and preserve its highest discovered truth in some secret Schools of Spiritual Fortress for the present and future benefit of humanity. One of the main objectives of The World Hindu Summit is to bridge the gulf between Self-diffusion of Religion and Self-concentration of Spirituality whose Source are Sanatana Dharma. So the Sanatana Dharma is identified as the Mother of all Religions and all Spirituality.

2, The necessity of mutually destructive schools of Philosophy arises when human mentality lays an exclusive emphasis on one side of the Spiritual experience, affirms that as the sole eternal Truth of existence and states it in terms of all dividing mental logic; each claims to be the truth and superior and taxes the others with error and inferior truth-expressions; each feels impelled to destroy or refuse others in order that itself alone may survive and spread the message of the Truth. Again if we give support on this play of difference then we assert that the Supreme and the human Soul are eternally different and reject the validity of a Spiritual experience which transcends their difference.

3, The wide and supple method of the evolutionary Nature must provide ample scope to preserve the true intention of all Religious seeking; the development of Religion in India has witnessed that any number of religious formulations, cults and disciplines have been nurtured, allowed and even encouraged to subsist side by side and each man was free to accept and follow his own Religion which is congenial to his thought, feeling, temperament and build of Nature, svabhava and svadharma.

4, A unity behind diversity and discord is the secret of the variety of human religions and philosophies; for they all get at some image or some side clue, touch some portion of the one Truth or envisage some one of its myriad aspects. All Religions are forms and fragments descended from one eternal Religion, Sanatana Dharma or all religions would be true as developments of the one eternal Religion, all philosophies would be valid each in its own field as a statement of its own universe-view from its own angle.

5, Unity of all Religion is possible when each man is said to have his own Religion; he is not bound by any sect or restrict to any traditional form rather he will follow a free self adaptation of his Nature in its relation with the Supreme. So the true purpose of Religion is to link the human with the Divine and in so doing sublimate the thought, life and the flesh to admit the Spirit’s law. It was felt necessary that man must approach God through endless variety in order that he might come to know Him entirely.

6, The greatest unity of all Religion or all humanity is possible through conscious individual Soul, when he is perfectly capable of every kind of Spiritual experience and possesses highest Integral Knowledge. And he calls down the ultimate Divine Truth to elevate the things and creatures to their highest and widest Divine manifestation.

7, Earlier, (2012 Bali Charter) it was pointed out that those who have no violence are Hindus. Now this view must be further affirmed that, this influence of all inclusive Sanatana Dharma must capture the whole of humanity who will possess Peace, Love, Light, Ananda and Purity which is the innate nature of each normal living being. As with the help of Science and Education, the Nature has succeeded to establish a mental life for all mankind, so by Yoga she will succeed to make mankind fit for her Spiritual evolution or reveal God in humanity and it is through the general advancement of the human race the victories of the Spirit can be secured.

            Lastly, all the effort to organize this Mahasabha must culminate with large Divine Descent and bring Peace and Harmony to all section of humanity.

Om Tat Sat
Om Shanti Shanti Shanti

Post Speech Thesis:

             The existence of Sanatana Dharma must be secured from within and not from without, when its Self-expansion through Religion becomes a willing subordinate and conscious outcome of its Self-concentration through Spirituality.

            External threat, destruction and calamity often visit in the life of a race, nation and community, either through Nature’s intervention or through human agency, when there is a general arrest of the growth of Consciousness. Catastrophe also visits during the transition of earth passing from one state of consciousness to another state and it is Nature’s brutal means to shake inertia of Matter. The worst of such manifestations tend to occur when the best and leading individual representative Souls suffer a corruption and decline in their mind and heart or become oblivious of the Law of Truth, Dharma.  So throughout the evolution of human history, it is always the constant upward aspiration of the few that has kept humanity alive and dragged them ahead towards a Divine destiny

            Time is moving so fast that the individual has to decide whether he will live with the past that is perpetuating or with the present that is exhausting or with the future that is yet to be born. If he will recognise this fact that the world is moving very fast then he will be able to bridge what he knows and the new knowledge. Unity of all Religions is possible when they are able to shun their limitations and rigidity and constantly enrich themselves with new descending overhead Truth and Light.

            The World Hindu Summit-II at Bali has succeeded in propelling the creative movement of the Eternal through receptive Divine Souls who knowingly or unknowingly have called down His vast Light, Love and Ananda to save earth and men.

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N.B. Another complementary book “The New Synthesis of Education” was also released in soft copy in this auspicious occasion.

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