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"Age never came, care never lined the face…
The nude god-children in their play-fields ran…
Of storm and sun they made companions,
Sported with the white mane of tossing seas,
Slew distance trampled to death under their wheels
And wrestled in the arenas of their force.
Imperious in their radiance like the suns
They kindled heaven with the glory of their limbs
Flung like a divine largess to the world.
A spell to force the heart to stark delight,
They carried the pride and mastery of their charm
As if Life’s banner on the roads of Space."



" In a small circle of young eager hearts,
Her being’s early school and closed domain,
Apprentice in the business of earth-life,
She schooled her heavenly strain to bear its touch,
Content in her little garden of the gods
As blooms a flower in an unvisited place. "


       “But it (Supramental infl-uence) would be something that had the power to eliminate all the errors, all the distortions and ugliness of mental life, and then a very happy humanity, quite satisfied with being human, feeling no need whatsoever to be anything but human, but with a human beauty, a human harmony.

The Mother

       “The true change of consciousness is the one that will change the PHYSICAL conditions of the world and will make of it an entirely new creation.”

The Mother

                “The obstacle which the physical presents to the spiritual is no argument for the rejection of the physical; for in the unseen providence of things our greatest difficulties are our best opportunities.

The Synthesis of Yoga-11
Sri Aurobindo

                “But in the gnostic way of being and living the will of the spirit must directly control and determine the movements and law of the body. For the law of the body arises from the subconscient or inconscient: but in the gnostic being the subconscient will have become conscious and subject to the supramental control, penetrated with its light and action; the basis of inconscience with its obscurity and ambiguity, its obstruction or tardy responses will have been transformed into a lower or supporting superconscience by the supramental emergence.”

The Life Divine-1021
Sri Aurobindo
A Tribute to Dada:


Sri Pranab Kumar Bhattacharya

(Sri Aurobindo International Centre of Education is considered as the heart centre of Sri Aurobindo Ashram and its Physical Education Department is identified as most disciplined and gathering together of number of strong Souls. Pranab Da is considered the strongest among them and he carries along with him The Mother’s tremendous force of Truth and Purity. Sri Aurobindo observed that an Integral Karma Yogi is a King, Leader, Captain of the journey and Commander and Pranab Da satisfies these conditions fully and till his last breath he was concerned inwardly Supramental Transformation and outwardly harmony and discipline in Ashram living. As Integral Jnana Yogi, he was a scout, guarding the Ashram from within and without protecting it from evil’s hand and path finder through Integral Education in general and pioneer of Integral Physical Education in particular. His message to the world is clear that if we belittle concentration on physical training for any higher Mental and Spiritual quest then we do not attain perfection and fullness of life but shift the position of our imperfection. His strong vessel was equally ready to experience the Supreme Love of Integral Bhakti Yoga and he must have undergone this experience of boundless Love spreading over all the planes of Consciousness which was reflected from the later part of his life and action. After Sri Babaji Moharaj left his body, he extended his Spiritual support, help and Grace to large collectivity in Odisha dedicated for the Mother’s work and this concern was reflected till his last breath.)

          When I, along with my Ashram group of aspirant Souls met Dada, first, he informed us that the name of the Berhampur in Odisha is now changed to Brahmapur which means ‘the City of the Brahman’. He also linked it with his home town Berhampur in West Bengal. Later I came to understand this outer effort of linking our existing place of stay with his past home was a means of building the inner link.  Since then when ever I get the least opportunity, I do not miss to meet Dada, and I am grateful to his whole collective team who provided an opportunity to me to meet Dada, even during his critical health. Each time I met Dada, I found his centre of living changed more and more within and his faculty of fatherhood and deep care for his fellow brothers grew proportionately. In a letter he observed, ‘I have gone through your ‘The Descent’ (Feb-2005 & August-2005 issue) and found (it) interesting. Glad to know about your dedication for (the) Mother’s work.’ This paper which received Dada’s attention and support was later transformed into the book The Divine Bliss.

          Incidentally, when Dada left his body, on that day (08.01.2010) I was present in Pondicherry and I had a strange experience which is a fourth repetition of the same subtle physical sensation with whom my Soul is linked. It was the experience of dying to death, for the hours together that my heart was on the verge of failing till the period Dada left his body. (A similar experience of physical identification with a departing Soul repeated on 29.06.2011 at Pondicherry, the day in which the foremost Integral Yogi, Amalkiran (Sri K.D.Sethna) left his body at an age of 106 year.) Dada’s life and death or beyond life subtle Presence are equally important for us in our journey towards the Eternal.    

           Our experience with Pranab Da is still continuing and this was recently witnessed when I was on the verge of publishing a book ‘The Mother’s Manifestation.’ During the last moment I got the direction from the Mother that Her Divine manifestation will be incomplete without Dada. So the Divine gave me another opportunity to confirm my love and gratitude towards him through this new book.


At Their Lotus Feet

S.A. Maa Krishna
Sri Matriniketan Ashram

N.B.The above two books ‘The Divine Bliss’ and ‘The Mother’s Manifestation’ are updated in regular interval.
Victoire de la Mère Divine  

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